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Any experiences/advice on going independently vs with an org

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Any experiences/advice on going independently vs with an org

Messagepar williamhawk » Ven 5 Mai 2017 06:18

Hi ladies! I've been working independently in East Asia for the past several years (Self-supported. Even though as an independent I don't have any team members I have usually had a good support base of people in my area to be meeting regularly with). At times I've considered being a part of an organization, partly for practical reasons like health insurance, partly wondering if I could be more useful/effective if I were with an org. I'm also very happy with the situation I'm currently in, though, as it seems to "fit" very well with my particular skills and gifts.

I would love to get some feedback from you about being overseas independently vs with an org.

What reasons contributed to you going independently/with an org? What pros/cons have you experienced with this?

Have any of you experienced both sides of this (independent and with an org)? What pros/cons did/do you notice?

If you are with an org, what reasons contributed to you choosing that particular org? Did you consider other orgs?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks

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