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Diffirent currencies & excess Cash at the end of the trip

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Diffirent currencies & excess Cash at the end of the trip

Messagepar williamhawk » Sam 17 Juin 2017 10:49

I usually get cash from bank automated teller machines with my Visa debit card. My bank in the U.S. does not charge any withdrawal fees; and it also does not charge the usual 1 percent Visa foreign transaction fee, so I get full use of my money. If the foreign bank charges a withdrawal fee (some do not), my bank reimburses me after I return home. I have my bank's app on my smartphone, so I know instantly what the conversion rate was.

Some airports contract with companies such as Travelex to be the exclusive provider of exchange services, including ATMs. Their conversion rates won't be favorable to you. In that case, I use my credit card to pay for transportation to town, then use a bank ATM there. Ask locals about which bank ATMs are better to use. There can be differences (for example, you might be able to withdraw a larger amount in a single transaction).

I always carry at least two debit cards and two credit cards on trips.

I also carry currency (crisp new U.S. dollars and euros) to exchange. The amount depends on the trip and the destination. In much of West Africa and Central Africa, for example, euros are preferred over dollars. Bigger notes (such as US$50 and US$100) sometimes will have better conversion rates.

I anticipate my cash needs before arrival. If I have any left over towards the end of my stay, I spend it all, unless I know that I'll be returning in the near future. I never change money back into U.S. dollars or euros.

It's generally unwise to stockpile currencies. Some notes and coins can cease to be legal tender if new versions are issued. Hope this helps.
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