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What is the fuss about Rome?

What is the fuss about Rome?

Messagepar williamhawk » Lun 19 Juin 2017 12:47

I have always felt bad that as an educated person I've never visited place where European civilisation was practically born. Now after 3 out of 5 days I found myself looking at changing my flight to come back home sooner than planned. I saw similar posts 10 years old now I'd like to renew it: what is the fuss about Rome?

I find it hard to find two things I enjoy here. Easy to list those I hate:

- crowds - I've been to London, Paris, Athens, Berlin and all these places are crowded but it keeps moving. Visiting Vatican Museum was a waste of time - you have to keep moving with a crowd, hence you'll see nothing. You can't even stop just keep moving. And ticket can cost €50.

- prices - as above, plus everyone is looking for a chance to rip you off. Literally you get stopped by people who constantly want money, street vendors, beggers, roms it is really amnyonung.

- it's dirty and unsafe - if it was northern European city it would look like Glasgow for instance. It is only the sunshine that makes it easy to forgive. It's unsafe - the most unsafe place I've been to - I was assaulted twice! A man assaulted me sexually in a crowd by trevi fountain and then spat on me and run off when I yelled at him to leave me alone(!). In Lisbon, Dresden, Innsbruck or Cordoba locals are very pround and care for tourists Rome is a joke!

- Services are poor,basically no-one will help you to make sure you're safe and happy but they will want to rip you off. Ok there was one exception in Vatican where lovely older man went out of his way to help me. They don't understand the world "No" you have to ignore them or be rude otherwise they will not leave you alone!

- cars and smog in a city is mad, it's obviously hot but even in a pedestrian zone you'll find random car driving past.

- monuments and museums are not that exciting, they cost fortune, very crowded but you'll find better museums around the Europe.

Generally nothing I like so can someone explain me - why the fuss?
Please Help.
Thanks !
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